$NOS - The Social Token

Our social token, $NOS, comes from the Brazilian expression ‚Äú√Č Noix‚ÄĚ that reaffirms the sense of community that binds a huge part of our youth. However, the term is translated into Spanish, being extracted from the expression "Nosotros", (us).

Our idea is to remember that everything we have is each other.

‚ÄúAll we have is us.‚ÄĚ Emicida.

What is a social token?

A social token is a way to transfer information between people and between institutions, for example, money (Real) is a type of token that transfers information about financial value between people. example, is a token that contains the information that the owner is entitled to an attempt to win the game.

One by Harmony is a token that allows you to access an ecosystem of blockchain services where you can transfer any type of information with extreme speed, security and low cost.

What is $NOS for?

The life of $NOS will be divided into three stages, in the first part it will have a didactic function so that students of the course can have contact with a social token from its creation to its launch.

1st Stage of $NOS

The token will be created together with the students and should be used to count the presence of each one in the classes, but it doesn't stop there: at the end of the course, students will organize themselves into groups, by affinity, and join their $NOS to hire consulting services from our network of collaborators. Consulting for what?

The goal of our initiative is that students have access to Web3, Blockchain and the innovation industry in general, and the access we want to offer is not as a workforce, but as a creator, developer or any other role of Protagonism.

We will have a strong team of consultants that you can check out by clicking here, and this team will grow as we expand to more cities and countries.

2nd Stage of $NOS

In the second stage of the $NOS life, not only students, but anyone who owns it will be able to access our educational platform and enjoy our services (remembering that our students will continue to receive $NOS for learning). then the $NOS will have a financial value, since people and institutions will be able to acquire it either to access the services or to keep it as an investment.

3rd Stage of $NOS

In the third stage of the life of $NOS, it will be used as one of the governance tools of our platform. With $NOS you will be able to decide the future of the platform as a whole, present new proposals, elect someone to some specific function, etc.

This stage is one of maturity that demands wisdom and justice. Otherwise, everything we build will become the object of someone who is rich enough to buy a lot of $NOS and decide the future of our network.

Therefore, to prevent this kind of thing, we will build a consensus system that is based on proportion rather than quantity (this system will be built in partnership with institutions that have expertise in governance, such as Token Engineers ).

Token Agreement: 0xDa409E3acA8354cD4d5706D27154dE4C8580e436

Name: NOS